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  June, 29


Top 3 Reasons to Visit Aurora Mall at Any Season and How You Can Benefit From It


Regardless of what season it is now, there are always plenty of reasons to visit our mall.

  June, 29


Planning Your Weekend? Visit Aurora Mall!


Aurora Mall often evokes memories of endless shopping, thrilling rides or concerts. But we...

  June, 29


Perfect Clothes to Wear When It’s Hot


In the middle of a heatwave, your corporate uniform — the usual blazers, slacks, and button-downs—is the...

  June, 29


We've brought them back!


Our delicious Apple & Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns were a favorite last year, so we have brought them back…

  June, 29

Kids Corner Coloring Competitions

Join up to the Kids Club for a chance to win one of twelve $50 gift cards this year!