470 Lucy Forks, Patriciafurt, YC7B 3UT

   Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm; Sun: 10am-1pm


What Visitors Say about the Mal

This new shopping mall is spacious and has everything!! The fact that it has a map is very relaxing and lets you pass by and find every shop without being lost inside.


Jessica Ramey

It was a good opportunity to buy some presents for the children. I went to see a few stores such as Desigual, Primark etc. while my husband enjoyed a cup of coffee.


Tina Hogs

This is a shopaholic dream. Shop until you drop was coined for this shopping mall. Big big big and so much to see. Overall my favorite mall worldwide so far.


Jonathan Olson

We had a couple of hours before driving to Frankfurt Airport. The shopping mall was an excellent idea since it's got some nice places to eat and relax.


Max Williams

The mall is modern, clean, well planned and offers a variety of different stores in mid to low price ranges; kids will love the many playtime opportunities throughout the mall.


Amanda Claire

Large parking, a lot of shops inside, a huge cinema hall. Very spacious, with a large walkaway, with one shopping floor and one eating area at first floor.


Karl Linderman

Free and spacious parking with easy parking space finding through clearly visible light indicators starts your shopping experience off well.


Lily Pons

The place has free parking, good organized, good stores collection, and the food court has wide variety that should satisfy every taste.


Walter Michaelson

Plenty of clothing stores for the whole family, young and old, plus several very good restaurants and electronic shops. Plenty of parking.


Mike Donovan